OMBE Surf Training Programs

Frequently Asking Questions

What is included in membership?

Everything - and all memberships come with a free 14-day trial.

Access to all of our training programs with a variety of training methods and programs to suit different skill levels and styles of surfing.

  • Instant access to all training programs

  • Programs for every goal, issue and skill level

  • Stream 600+ lessons across 25 programs

  • New content every month

  • Monthly surf coaching webinars

  • Submit your footage for coaching feedback

  • Early access to trips and coaching events

  • Watch on your computer, TV, phone or tablet

  • Download the programs to your device for easy access anywhere

  • Access to the community

Can I cancel any time?

You can cancel anytime and if you cancel before the end of the trial you won't be charged.

How do I get access to the coaches and feedback?

Every month we hold live feedback webinars where prior to the event, you can submit the footage of your training and ask questions to the coaches.

During the event, the coaches will break down the submissions and provide video analysis, breaking down what you need to improve on.

All of these events are available on replay anytime.

Between feedback events, you can post your footage or questions to the community.

Below all of the training videos you can also post comments and the coaches will get back to you.

What training program is right for me or where should I start?

There are multiple different programs and this is designed to help you achieve what you want in your surfing.

If you are unsure of where to start, follow the guided pathways for either a beginner or an intermediate.

These two programs are our biggest and will introduce you to new training that follows from the previous training, building small wins and either establishing the fundamentals or mastering the fundamentals of surfing.

These two programs will show at the top of your dashboard.

Otherwise, you can dive into manoeuvre deep dives and opt to focus on one manoeuvre, mastering it, with training split based on skill level.

If you identify bad habits you can dive into individual programs based on the fundamentals of surfing.

What is the OMBE Community?

The OMBE Community is a platform where you can meet other surfers, ask questions, interact with the coaches, upload your surfing footage and progress for feedback and so much more.

Events are run within the community along with local communities with meet ups and chances for you to meet fellow surfers who want to train together or meet up.

You will find local communities from around the world and specialty groupos like a womens only community.

What is OMBE and what does it mean?

OMBE stands for Ocean, Mind, Body and Equipment.

It is an approach with a focus on syncing all four major aspects within your surfing. When all four are in sync, your surfing will improve and you will easily enter a flow state within the ocean.

Most surfers will focus on their equipment first and expect an immediate improvement in their surfing but there is an order to OMBE and a reason for it.

You first must pay attention to the ocean and what it is doing, then calm your mind, relax and remove tension, as well as understanding how to do the manoeuvres, then you give your body the chance to effectively do the manoeuvre and your focus is on removing tension in the body and doing it more effortlessly. The board will either amplify or mute your movements and then it is a case of right tool for the job.

What new programs are coming soon and how do I submit an idea?

You can see our public OMBE Roadmap of what we are working on now, what's next and what we are considering. You can also vote for what you'd like to see the most, submit an idea and see what has previously been completed.

Click on the "Submit an Idea" tab and let us know what you'd like to see!

What if I'm landlocked or only get to a beach every so often?

That is fine. all of the programs are created with that in mind. If a program includes water-based training, simply save it up until you have the chance to get to the beach.

There is a lot of land-based training designed to get you to feel the movements so when you get to the surf you can easily replicate the movements and understand how they should feel.

The land-based training is designed to break patterns and add in repetitions. This is vital in building muscle memory and neurological pathways to learn and develop skills. The idea is by simulating surfing on land, we can rapidly develop these systems. When we enter the surf, we can further build upon them and allow our bodies to follow the muscle memory we have been training.

Surfing is great but the amount of training in a 2-hour surf is minimal compared to 30 minutes of land training.